Print Finishing and tabbcutting

Print Finishing and tabbcutting

Irish Tabs has the facility to tab cut 120000 sheets per day with mylar reinforcing.

we specialize in  litho and digital print finishing and tabbcutting and have several scott tabbing machines and paper reinforcing machines,3 Heidelberg cylinders for diecutting

Edge Reinforcement

Reinforcing can be applied to the back or the front of the binding edge to make your indexes resistant to ripping out at the punched holes.


Standard punching for tabs is 2 or 4 round holes. You can specify different punching or no punching,we have 3 ideal punching machines for fast drilling


You may want to have the tabs collated into sets. Then you are ready to put them in your binders without sorting them.we have a 40 station horizon collating machine and 2 duplo collators for fast run print finishing on the largest print runs

Shrink - wrapping

Shrink-wrapping the sets in plastic wrap is another alternative. This keeps the tabs together, helps reduce wear on the sheets and keeps dust and dirt off them. Shrink-wrapping is especially good for tabs that will be shipped a long distance or stored for a period of time

Trade finishing for folders